This book of photographs is far more than just another coffee table book; LEGENDS represents our past and our heritage; within its pages, Susan Menashe tells us each individual's story through her incredibly special lens.

This book is something that children will look through with their parents and grandparents to learn about their family history. The powerful photographs and accompanying biographies are unique in that they are meant to spark passionate conversations about our special legacy. 

Compounding the beauty of this book and the artist is that all proceeds will benefit Sephardic Bikur Holim. LEGENDS will be a treasure in each community member's home, a work of art that will forever remind our children of their amazing roots, and a testimonial to the incredible legacy of each subject and the amazing photographer behind the collection.

Susan Menashe, Photographer & Artist

Michelle Ishay-Cohen, Publisher


LEGENDS is dedicated in loving memory of Saul E. Ashkenazi a”h

Saul E. Ashkenazi a”h is remembered by all who knew him and knew of him as a visionary - a man of character, leadership, and family. This historical undertaking is one we know he would have supported wholeheartedly because of his love of history and because it aims to educate future generations about the amazing people who came before them. He believed that charity always begins at home, and he saw education as an essential tool in ensuring our community’s ability to unite, thrive, and give back. He taught this by example, and his family still upholds his philosophy. LEGENDS should serve as an example of what can be accomplished when community members use their unique talents to make an indelible and everlasting impact on others.

Ezra and Sharyn Ashkenazi and Family