About Susan Menashe

Susan Menashe has been a renowned photographer for more than 30 years. Her name has become synonymous with an impeccable talent for capturing the perfect shot. Susan’s children have fond memories of their mother always being involved in the arts- knitting, silk screening, jewelry making, pottery, stamping- but these crafts took a backseat when Susan fell in love with the world of photography in 1985. 

A self-proclaimed “student for life,” Susan studied all over the country while remaining committed to her family life at home. She found her passion in portrait photography, bringing all her experiences and cultural surroundings into each photo.

In 1990, Susan took upon herself the enormous venture of photographing the elderly of her community as a way to “prove that they were here” long after they are gone. Susan used a Hasselblad camera and film for all portraits in this publication.

LEGENDS is the first publication of Susan’s extraordinary work.


Photo: Susan Menashe, center